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Wireless Research

Wireless Research and Publications

The Survey of Mobile Emulator and Wireless Research recites:

“…… Emulator provides environment without modifications to the software and validates software solutions for ad hoc network. A field test will show rather the simulation work is going on right track or not and going from the simulator to the real thing directly to analyze the performance and compare the results of routing protocols and mobility models. Analyzing and choosing an appropriate emulator according to the given environment is a time-consuming process. …….. ”

Source:  M. J. Kropft “A survey on real world and emulation testbeds for mobile ad hoc networks,”  IEEE TRIDENTCOM 2006. ·

The RAMON thesis recites:

“… RAMON is a development platform that combines emulation and simulation to facilitate the analysis of performance bottlenecks in a quicker and more efficient matter. Additionally, RAMON recreates more realistic environments for wireless network protocols where attenuation, latency delay, and bandwidth can be modified as required by the experimenter. The second contribution is a predictive extension for Mobile IP using a Kalman filter. The forecasting of speed and trajectory allows the protocol to avoid late registration and improve performance at high speed…”

While the Internet Mobility Protocol recites:

“…We added two new entities to the protocol: the ghost-mobile node and ghost foreign agent. The entities preemptively react to the environment and allow much faster and quicker handoff. The predictable protocol improves the performance of Mobile IP … “

Mobile IP shows was used for Mobility Protocol as that was the most popular mobility protocol at the time, however the mobility aspects and methods remains the same.

Some of the research papers and publications made in emulation and mobility protocols.

  • E. Hernandez, A. Helal “RAMON: An emulation approach”, IEEE Conf. LCN 2002, Tampa , FL PDF
  • E. Hernandez, A. Helal, “Predictive Mobile IP for Rapid Mobility,” WLN 2004, Tampa , November 2005. PDF
  • E. Hernandez “An adaptive protocol for rapid mobile environments, “ Ph.D Dissertation, University   of Florida , August 2002. PDF or Slideshare
  • J. Tian. A Helal “Rapid Mobility of Mobile IP over WLAN” – 2005
  • J. Tian. A Helal “Performance of Mobile IP ver WLAN” – 2005
  • Speed Adaptive Mobile IP – Dissertation – 2005
  • Reference to RAMON in several books – Rapid Mobility Network Emulator – here  and here

Wireless Emulator MobileCAD

Full list of Publications of Dr. Helal

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